We empower people from all levels to stay as healthy as possible.

Recently we started Wax-Out, cleaning ears with modern micro-suction. 

Good hearing keeps you informed!

The goal is to solve your ear problem as fast, efficient and with the least discomfort as possible.  

We give practical tools how to care for your ears to have the best lifestyle and health. 

Health, happiness and hope brings wealth. 

Be as socially active as you want to be!

Let us support you to preserve your hearing.

Healthy workers are more productive.

Wellness and Mental Health Resilience coaching tailored for your company's needs.

Every person walks on a health pathway. Marieke's passion is to guide groups and individuals onto an optimum health path. This is done with respect and acknowledgement of different cultures and viewpoints.  

Encouraging workers who have chronic disease or mental illness by individual or group coaching to empower every person living towards best possible health and production.

Prevention of injury and illness by sharing practical suggestions accumulated over a lifetime of being a student of health.

Rehabilitation co-ordination and consultation to help an injured or temporary disabled worker back to normal employment as soon as possible in order to minimize loss

We come to your workplace for your convenience.

Basic health screening also available if needed.

Everything we do is guided by NZ Health and Safety legislation and research, therefore our staff always follow best practice.