Ear cleaning with micro-suction

Recently we started Wax-Out, cleaning ears with modern micro-suction.

Wax-Out use ear micro-suction to clean ears.  

Good hearing keeps you informed!

The goal is to solve your ear problem as fast, efficient and with the least discomfort as possible.  

We give practical tools how to care for your ears to have the best lifestyle and health. 

Health, happiness and hope brings wealth. 

Be as socially active as you want to be!

Let us support you to preserve your hearing.

Auckland mobile ear micro-suction service

Auckland North Shore ear cleaning services available.

Every Tuesday Mari is free to visit you at your home for ear cleaning.

Please use the contact form below to book an appointment.

Paeroa ear cleaning with micro-suction

Paeroa ear cleaning services available on second and last Friday of every month at; 

"The Clinic" 

6 Hughenden street (Corner of Marshall and Hughenden streets)


Please use the form below to book or send me a text.