Ear cleaning with micro-suction

At Wax-Out we clean ears with micro-suction which is the safest and most comfortable way for you, the client.

 Good hearing keeps you informed!

The goal is to solve your ear problem as fast, efficient and with the least discomfort as possible.  

We give practical tools how to care for your ears to have the best lifestyle and health. 

Health, happiness and hope brings wealth. 

Be as socially active as you want to be!

Let us support you to preserve your hearing.

When to see a hearing professional

They can literally provide a different vantage, and have the tools to examine your ears more closely.
You should contact them; for example, if muffled sound becomes a complete loss of hearing; or if irritation in the ear is an ongoing issue or becomes severe pain.
If you experience a fluid build-up, fever, discharge, dizziness or a ringing in your ears (tinnitus) you should also consult an ear specialist.
If your ears routinely block up with earwax, you may require manual wax removal. Ear micro-suction is the safest way.
It’s important to understand that ear professionals not only ease and clear blocked ears, they also help with recovery.  
Hearing care professionals may also advise antihistamines, decongestants, ear drops and general education to keep ears comfortable.
You may need a referral to your GP.

Paeroa ear cleaning with micro-suction

Paeroa ear cleaning services is available at;

"The Wellness Clinic" 

6 Hughenden street

(Corner of Marshall and Hughenden streets, behind The Little Theatre)


Please use the form below to book or send me a text at 0210396146. I can help at other times as well if any space is available.