Service with integrity

Qualified, competent and experienced nurses to serve your company.

Pre-employment health screening according to your company's needs like drug screening test, hearing screening test, lung function test, vision test including depth perception, lateral and night vision, medical history review. 

Specific screening tests like Epworth Sleepiness scale, blood tests, mental health can be done as needed.

  • Periodic and Exit Health Screening.
  • Wellness and Mental Health coaching.
  • Rehabilitation after injury to get worker back into normal work as soon as possible.

We come to your workplace for your convenience.

Pre-employment drug and alcohol screening, hearing, vision and lung function screening are done with a general medical check so you can find the right employee for the right role in your company. We have years of nursing and occupational health experience and an evergreen passion to prevent illness and injury. Tell us your company's  health and safety needs. Quality service is all important to us.  We believe everybody is responsible for best possible health and production. Our staff is competent  and qualified to support your company's  Health and Safety  obligations.

Everything we do is guided by NZ Health and Safety legislation and research, therefore our staff always follow best practice.Services available:Pre-employment screening according to industry risk and needs. 

This can include:

  • An overall health screening including drug and alcohol test
  • Periodic screening as needed
  • Rehabilitation co-ordination and consultation to help an injured or temporary disabled worker back to normal employment as soon as possible in order to minimise loss
  • Management of  workers who have chronic disease or mental illness by individual or group coaching to empower every person to live with the best possible health and production
  • Prevention of injury and illness by education and providing tools to management and workers to improve physical and mental health awareness

Health Hope Happiness at work and at home

We empower people from all levels to stay as healthy as possible.

It is a challenge for any person to change old habits. 

Marieke has experience with individual and group coaching. 
The goal is to inspire every person, give practical tools to live towards the best lifestyle and health. 
Health, happiness and hope brings wealth. 
Happy, healthy workers lead to best production and a win for all.
Contact us to discuss which Wellness package will suit you.